Thank you so much for booking Makeup Glam with B!  I really appreciate you.  Please make sure your eyebrows are done nice and neat.  Please read the following information explaining instructions for if you are visiting my salon or if I am traveling to you:

Salon Makeup Glam Session

5435 Emerson Way
Suite 330F
Indianapolis, IN 46226

This location is off of Market & Pennsylvania downtown.  Please arrive 10 minutes early to your appointment for parking.  On the weekends, there is not a doormen so please let me know when you arrive on Saturday and Sunday.

Travel Makeup Glam Session

Please provide a large table next to an electrical outlet.  I will provide a chair and ring light.

Makeup Glam Consent Forms

Please complete a consent form based on the service you will receive.
  • Makeup Clients: Complete the Client Consent Makeup Application Form.
  • New Waxing Clients:  Please complete both the Informed Client Consent Form and  Confidential Client Health History Form (New Waxing Clients).
  • Returning Wax Clients:  Please complete the  Confidential Client Health History Form labeled, “Existing Waxing Clients.

I look forward to seeing you soon!

Kindest Regards,